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The gig that keeps paying

Join our community and become a founding member to help shape the future of the live music industry.

We’re issuing 1808 genesis NFTs. If you buy one you’ll gain access to a veritable rock ‘n‘ roll circus of perks and rewards. 

There will only ever be 1808 genesis NFT owners. You will be part of that exclusive cohort. 

Most importantly, we need you to share in our vision of creating a future where artists, venues, crew and promoters continue to get paid after the gig is over. Collectively we can make this happen.

The Chapel AAA NFT launch

1808 NFTs go live at 4PM GMT December 9th

Priced at 150 $MATIC

To get yours - you can mint a maximum of four - you must first join the Chapel Discord.

AAA NFT benefits

The genesis NFT holders will get the following perks:

VIP access to all gigs

Annual private Chapel party

Founding member

Etch your name on Welsh slate forever on the Chapel (real and metaverse)

Make history by changing the way that musicians earn money

Let's change live music from the grassroots up

About Chapel

Long-time friends and collaborators, Irfon Watkins, DOVU, TAPMYDATA, Partner at Outlier Ventures, and Ian Matthews, drummer in KASABIAN wanted to combine their experience and remodel the live entertainment business model through a community-owned, not for profit, DAO.

After buying a near-220-year-old Chapel in Irfon’s home village of Llanwrtyd Wells, they started thinking about what a music venue and its community would look like in the future.

How can a physical space and metaverse space complement each other? How might they harness Web3 innovations such as DeFi and NFTs to keep rewarding all gig participants long after the gig finishes? This is ChapelDAO.

Why are we doing this?

The COVID pandemic has amplified the plight of the jobbing musician and the periphery of workers involved in the live music biz. The hard truth is when someone working in this industry doesn’t have a gig, they don’t have income. Ian as a career musician knows this all too well.

How are we solving it?

We’re combining the power of NFTs and DeFi 2.0 to create a permanent yield for an artist and venue after the gig has finished. The ChapelDAO will allow fans to directly invest in a gig and share the yield with the artist and venue. Check out our Whitepaper.


Why have you created an NFT?

It's about cultivating and uniting a committed community of like-minded founders who want to make the live music industry fairer for all. Ownership of the AAA NFT is a symbol of belief in our mission. Plus, the NFT comes with a series of exclusive benefits to all who own it.

What's the story behind the number 1808?

Our Chapel in Llanwrtyd Wells (known as the Bethesda Chapel) was originally built in 1808. It’s a history thing that seamlessly connects the modern with the past. A big idea forever connected to its humble origins.

I'm an artist/involved with a venue. How can I be part of this?

Get in touch with us. We really want to hear from you and, more importantly, we want to help you get more from your commitment to live music.